What Is the Google Local Guide Program?

With the rise of local Internet searches and the proliferation of Google My Business listings, Google lost some control over what was and wasn’t displayed on Google Maps. From this sprang the concept of Google Local Guides, a power user and moderator.

The goal with them from the start was to provide reality to the information provided by Google Maps so that customers who browse the app might get authentic evaluations from trustworthy individuals.

That is why a premium community (while membership is free) was established. This group would be responsible for bringing Google My Business listings to light and providing verified information about them.

People do generally not volunteer their time for free. Thus, this initiative initially incentivized consumers to submit evaluations by providing small Google items for free in return, such as cloud storage or free music streaming services.

Since the program’s inception in 2015, the number of Local Guides has topped 120 million consumers—a huge success.

What exactly are Google Local Guides?

Google Local Guides is a programme established by Google to build a community of power users who will be in charge of validating the accuracy of the information provided by Google Maps and offering additional important information.

  • That is, via their evaluations, these consumers will be in charge of valuing each local company. Their views will be more influential than those of the other users.
  • This method assisted Google in filtering people who posted spam on Google My Business listings or exclusively left terrible reviews on their rivals’ profiles.
  • It also aided Google in discovering new fascinating sites for the public to visit, even if they were not run by a local company, such as distinctive settings, points of interest in cities, etc.
  • All of this free information users provide enables Google to highlight the most excellent restaurants to eat at in a city, the best monuments to see in each given location, the hidden treasures to avoid mass tourists, and so on.
  • It has enabled Featured Snippets to be presented on Google’s results as information directly submitted by users, assisting other users in the same position in sectors such as tourism.

How does one go about becoming a Google Local Guide?

To become a Google Local Guide, you must go to the website and sign up.

  • If you already have a Google account, as most of us do, you must connect it to your Google Local Guide account.
  • Following that, all you have to do is provide reviews and ratings and submit photographs of locations you’ve visited. 

Here are the procedures to take while visiting the Local Guides website:

  • At the top of the screen, click the Join button.
  • Sign in to your Google account and check the boxes indicating that you are at least 18 years old. You agree to the Local Guides programme regulations and to receive programme communications.
  • You must click ‘Sign Up,’ and Google will validate your registration.

What benefits do Google Local Guides receive for contributing?

Participants in the Local Guides programme might earn incentives. The points-based concept allows guides to earn points for offering nine different types of information about their local region.

The following are examples of information and points:

  • 1 point for each answer
  • 5 points for revisions
  • 1 point for fact-checking
  • 5 points for photos
  • Positions: 15 points (for places and roads)
  • Q & A 3 points for correct answers
  • 1 point for rating
  • Reviews: 10 points, with an extra 10 points for reviews longer than 200 words.
  • 7 points for videos

The guides go via the point system. They begin at Level 1 and may advance to Level 10. Users of Google Maps may see the Guide’s level and use it to determine the trustworthiness and validity of the content.

Why should you become a Google Local Guide?

You may become a Google Local Guide if you like reviewing and sharing information about locations you’ve visited.

  • If you’ve always been interested in travel and tourism but haven’t been able to become a tour guide, this is the job for you.
  • You will be an online guide to your city and may put your favorite cuisine, locations to visit, or favorite spots.
  • Share it all on Google and be sure to offer them the most satisfactory experience possible of your hometown by highlighting the best and worst locations to visit.
  • You will gain points by providing star evaluations, written reviews, and photographs, propelling you through the Local Guide program’s many levels.
  • Google Local Guides is described as a community. Its members are locals who evaluate a local company by taking photographs, sharing their experiences, answering questions with their expertise, and posting reviews.

Google Local Guides will adhere to specific protocols.

Share constructive feedback:

  • Pay attention to all of the aspects of the location and jot down the necessary information, such as describing the ambience, design, experience, and highs/lows.
  • Mention what you ordered and would suggest at the eateries.
  • Mention the variety, price range, and services offered by stores.
  • Please do not post multiple reviews, as they will delete them.

Take precise and crisp photographs: Photos may convey a narrative about a location, but they must be relevant and precise. Use more natural light and experiment with different angles. Remove any dark or blurry photographs, and avoid duplicating photos from other users.

Be trustworthy: Your contributions should be based on actual experiences and knowledge, not phoney editing, duplicate photographs, off-topic responses, or wrong modifications. Untrustworthy users are barred from participating in the local guide programme.


Guide Points are awarded to users who review, submit photographs, answer questions or add unverified places. By submitting this information, these contributors may raise their levels and ranks within the Google Local Guide community. Each level also qualifies the user for other events and activities within the Local Guide community. As a Google Local Guide, you may assist others by offering ratings, reviews, and images of local points of interest, restaurants, and stores.