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Our services include various full-service ecommerce SEO solutions that may be tailored to a single category or as specific as required.

About Ecommerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is a marketing technique to increase traffic on the website so that your targeted customers will purchase your products through better visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs). Your website should be in the first three results of Google’s SERP to attract more targeted customers.

In order to rank better on Google’s SERP, ecommerce websites should be SEO optimized. From targeting transactional keywords to implementing the SEO technical configuration on the website, all have a significant influence on Google’s algorithm.

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What We Do

At Passage Rank, we believe that each ecommerce business is unique. Thus, we developed an inbound marketing approach to assist your customers quickly locating your business. We can help you if you are a retailer trying to generate revenue from your ecommerce website.

We provide businesses with a customized SEO campaigns

Our complete results, revenue-driven Digital marketing approach, and thorough site analysis are critical to the success of your website. It’s time that your business gets discovered by customers on Google.

Ecommerce SEO Approach

Customers’ purchasing habits have shifted as a result of the digital revolution. It takes a few clicks to locate an online shop, chooses a product, and finish a purchase. As more people shop online, the competition heats up – ecommerce retail sales are estimated to exceed $7.4 trillion by 2025. As a result, a well planned SEO strategy is one of the most important aspects of any ecommerce business to grow. Ecommerce SEO is the foundation of online success.

Use the Right Keywords

The first stage in any ecommerce SEO effort is keyword research. If you make a mistake here, one of two things will happen:

a) You will end up targeting keywords that are very competitive and will never reach page one.

b) You will rank on keywords that have low search volume which leads to less traffic and no sales.

Both situations are not good for any ecommerce business. At Passage Rank, we do ecommerce keyword research that ensures that the words and phrases selected are easy to rank, have high search volume, low keyword difficulty and a high conversion rate.

Conduct Competitor Research

In this stage we do keep an eye on the competitors and their organic performance on the SERP. This research includes Keyword Analysis, Content Analysis, Backlink Analysis, Ranking Analysis and Traffic Analysis. With this it helps us gain knowledge on things we can improve, learning from the competitors and perform better in Google.

Simplify Your Site Architecture

A good SERP position requires quality on-site content and logical structure. Furthermore, consumers should be able to navigate your content and e-commerce store and should not suffer technological difficulties while buying your items and services. Access to your website should be as simple as possible so visitors, bots, and search engine crawlers can quickly locate and explore your website. SEO relies on your shop's informational architecture (IA) and technological architecture (TA) to reach this purpose.

Optimize Product Pages

Ecommerce product page optimization helps us to test various components of your product page to see which ones generates the most interaction. For example, you may see if highlighting a particular character or value proposition yields better outcomes.

Adding the targeted keywords in alignment with the product name may help a lot.

Adding product images & pack shots of different angles will help customers to gain trust towards the product and encourage them to purchase it.

Did you know that utilizing e-commerce product videos on product pages will help you improve online sales and raise your e-commerce website’s conversion rate? 73% of internet shoppers believe they are more inclined to purchase a product after seeing a video that explains how it works.

Not only do we read reviews for things, but we also read reviews for other services and companies before we join them.

Given that you cannot touch or feel the merchandise while shopping online, reviews for ecommerce SEO are highly crucial.

Dynamic FAQ on product pages aids in the resolution of consumer questions. Define some pre-defined Q&A that clients may ask later, so they may readily acquire answers to simple questions. Assist consumers in better understanding the items and making faster purchasing choices. You may add Store FAQs and Product Specific FAQs, simultaneously providing additional information about the things and the store.

Reduce Page Load Speed

Website page load speed is one of the important factors for ranking. Google’s algorithm ranks pages that load quickly. To reduce page load time, we decrease the size of the page, use a better server which loads page quickly.

Create Backlinks for Ecommerce SEO

One of the requirements for a strong SEO score is the presence of high-quality backlinks. Whether those backlinks were obtained organically or via your deliberate efforts makes no difference. Because e-commerce websites seldom have a blog to generate content and backlinks automatically, you need to make an effort to create some on your own. Backlinks to your online business may get in various methods, the most notable of which is via question-and-answer websites.

Why Choose our SEO Agency for your Ecommerce Business?

Our customers’ ROI for SEO has ranged from 50% to 5000%, depending on various criteria such as competition, present circumstances, and budget. On the high end, a typical ROI for PPC is 40-200 per cent. Once in place, SEO generates traffic for a long time and is well worth performing for any firm.

We’re here to assist if you’ve been striving to improve your website’s SEO rating but haven’t found a solution.

One of India’s leading SEO companies has a staff of experts. Passage Rank works hard to get your websites to the top of Google’s search results so that more and more organic traffic is brought to your site.

Our Indian SEO consultants, who are highly skilled and have years of expertise in Search Engine Optimisation, can effectively meet your company’s Digital Marketing demands (SEO).

A supportive staff is one of the core blocks to achieving a desirable outcome. We have built a team of devoted members that put in their knowledge to offer obvious consequences to you.

We have been offering solutions for your search engine optimization demands. This accomplishment, however, would not have been possible without the aid of our devoted project managers. We will allocate a project manager when you contact us for SEO services.

Organic search is one of the most effective avenues for acquiring new customers. A well-executed search engine optimisation (SEO) plan can become a primary source of traffic and income for both consumer content hubs and B2B firms.

We believe in using data to drive digital strategy and search engine optimisation. We employ cutting-edge industry technologies to determine how your site compares to best practices.

Many SEO strategists will provide you with the bare minimum of reporting indicators, but we provide you with the whole picture of your site’s performance. Our strategists analyze month-over-month (MoM) and year-over-year (YoY) traffic to see how seasonal patterns affect your site and detect any increase or loss. This frequent examination enables us to maintain your place in excellent condition.

Passage Rank has emerged as the leading SEO Company India for any company, big or small, with years of expertise. We work hard to attain those SEO objectives that will make Google adore your website and bring in loads of visitors, improving brand awareness and exposure in the digital world.

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SEO Tools We Use

We use the best SEO tools to research, analyze and create effective strategy for better performance in the SERP.

Ecommerce SEO FAQs

When it comes to marketing your ecommerce business, SEO plays a very important roles in acquiring traffic to your site to increase sales. Ecommerce SEO ensures that Google understands exactly what your page is about and allows it to rank on the search engine.

For everyone who wants to operate a thriving ecommerce company, the overall response is “yes.” A blog may do wonders for increasing visitors and, hence, sales and profits.

Unlike other services, an ecommerce SEO firm will assist your company in focusing on particular tactics, such as product mark-up, in boosting your company’s online exposure. SEO for ecommerce will raise your site’s rating in Google and other search engines.